Nov 20, 2013

Bringing An Old Buffet Back to Life!

My absolute favourite past time in the whole world, is shopping in thrift stores, antique markets and second hand shops.  I love bringing home old, forgotten furniture, and bringing it back to life.  Only problem is that my house is beginning to look like a horders house.  I am seriously banned from bringing home any more furniture or knick knacks.  You should see me garage and basement.  Eesh.

To solve this obsession/problem, I like to shop for other people now!!!  Recently a new client/friend of mine asked me to find her a piece that looked like a piece she found at a shop, that had unfortunately sold.  A mission?!?!?  I'm on it.

After going back and forth on at least a dozen pieces, I came across this piece at a local antique shop.

I know, doesn't look like much, but luckily my new client/friend has VISION!!!  And immediately, we both knew this was "the one".  I picked it up the next day, and here it is today.

Here it is in her home! Perfect :)

Nov 18, 2013

Working with a new colour - ARLES!!

As most of you know, I only use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  It's my favourite paint to work with and comes in some of the most vibrant, beautiful colours.  I generally only work with neutrals, like white, black, and beige, but sometimes, I get to experiment with bold colours... like Emperor's Silk seen here on a hall tree and my office desk (excuse the mess)...

Recently, I purchased this beauty at my favourite store in Hamilton, The Painted Bench.  

They were kind enough to throw in a can of paint, so I thought I would be bold and choose a colour that I have always wanted to work with, but have never had a chance - Annie Sloan ARLES.



Dare I do a whole buffet in golden yellow?  Errrrrr, I thought I had the balls to do it, but now I am second guessing myself.  So, I did a little test piece to see if I liked it.  

Here is the 'before' pic...

And the 'after'

So what do you think?  Should I do the whole buffet in yellow??  eeeeee, I'm scared!!!

Nov 17, 2013

Candlestick in Country Grey

Finished this awesome candlestick in Annie Sloan Country Grey.  Distressed with a small coat of dark wax.

Candlestick 3' tall

Nov 16, 2013

French Linen Desk

I just finished up this piece a couple of weeks ago for one of my favourite new clients!!

It was an old, beat up desk that she wanted her little girl to use.  I used AS French Linen.  Such a beautiful colour.



Nov 1, 2013

Fabulous Birthday Present!

Last week was my 32nd birthday, and although I'm not really into big parties or big woopidie doos anymore, my family still always makes a little stink about it by bringing me some presents and cake.  Who can say no to presents and cake!!!

This year, I got a call from my brother a week before we were having a get together, claiming that he got me the BEST birthday gift of all time.  Seriously, you never know what to expect from my brother.  He has some seriously, creative gift giving skills.  

Taaaa Daaaaaah

Some sister's may use such expressions as "WTF" or "Seriously?".... but not me!!!  I screamed with JOY :)  Especially after multiple glasses of Pinot Grigio.  Eeeeeeeek.

Took me 4 days to make this baby look like this...

This is a custom blend of Graphite and Blue Violet.  It made a stunning slate blue that I plan of using through out my house.  The burlap knobs are from The Painted Bench in Hamilton.


Thanks Mike... xo