Apr 6, 2015

Painting Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint

At White Pear Studios in Oakville where I work, we have tons of customers coming in asking about painting their kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I always feel like the best knowledge comes from experience, so I was determined to find a kitchen to paint.  I would have loved to have painted my own, but I just had it gutted and spent a bloody fortune on new custom cabinets... like literally, 6 months ago.  So, yea, my kitchen was out of the question.  Luckily, I have an awesome friend that has welcomed me into her home numerous times, and she excitedly said "my kitchen is all yours"!!!

He are a few pics of her kitchen "Before"

We talked about doing several colours (NOT white haha), and finally decided that a trendy, deep blue on the cabinets, would be a dramatic change and would update the space.  Here is the design board I came up with.

I custom mixed my own paint using approximately 2 parts Napoleonic Blue, 2 parts Old Violet, 1 part Graphite... there was no science behind my formula.  I eye balled it!!!

This was by far, the biggest project I have tackled to date.  Organization, patience, and planning was key. I knew this was going to take a while, but I was prepared.  I'll be writing up a step by step blog post and share with you my whole process.

And here is the beautiful kitchen all complete.

Walls are painted Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey.

I also painted a new table and chairs for the space.  The pedestal of the table is painted in the same blue as the cabinets, and the chairs are done in Annie Sloan Coco.  I reupholstered the seats, and sewed the curtain panels in fabric from Fabric Land bought in Kitchener.  

All light fixtures, cabinet hardware and the rug are from Home Depot, and the gorgeous wall mirror (I still regret not picking one up for myself) is from good ol' Home Sense.

Last but not least was this adorable cabinet the family had.  I painted the outside in coca and the inside in the custom blue to tie everything together.  Accessories I scooped up from Target before it closed down :(

The difference is night and day.  I couldn't be more proud of this space, and I am very appreciate of the family that welcomed me in their home!!

Stay tuned for step by step instructions on how you can easily transform your kitchen with just a few coats of paints and a little bit of hard work!!