Aug 19, 2013

EASY DIY Envelope Pillow Cover

I'll admit I have ADD when it comes to home decor.  I'm constantly changing my mind when it comes to layouts, colours, fabric and blah blah blah.  I even annoy myself.

Remember my awesome toy room here.  Took me days to paint the stripes.... 

Well, this is what it looks like now.  Just 12 months later!!

I needed a work space, so I shafted the kids.  Sorry monkeys.
Anyway, the whole point to this story is that I wanted an easy DIY pillow cover pattern, so I could change up my pillows as often as I want.  I haven't busted out my sewing machine since we lived in this house, so I didn't want anything complicated.  So, here is what I came up with.  The world's easiest pillow cover for any dummy on a sewing machine.

First, grab your pillow insert and measure it.  Mine is 20"x20".  Lay it out on your fabric.

Measure and cut your fabric to be 2" longer than your insert on one side (22" for me!).  For the other side, double the length of your insert, and add 6" (For me, 20"x2"=40"+6"=46") See Ry,  I don't need Grade 12 math.

On the shorter sides, with an iron, press a .5" seam, then flip and press another .5" seam

Then bust out that dusty sewing machine and sew the hem.  Just a straight line.  You can do it.

Lay your fabric face up and place pillow in center

Fold the long sides, one after the other


Make sure the fabric is lined up on either side and fits snug around the pillow. Then, pin the two flaps of fabric together on either side

Slide the insert out and pin all the way down the sides

Now sew along the edges.  Once you are done sewing, turn the case inside out and slide your insert back in!
You're done!!

P.S. Like the bench?  Just redid it for my little princess and her crazy stuffie obsession.  

Aug 11, 2013

Coffee Table Re-do!

Not too long ago, my girlfriend asked me to keep my eye out for a coffee table for her living room.  I spotted this heavy sucker on kijiji for just $30 bucks and emailed her right away.
After a few coats of Annie Sloan's Paris Grey, this coffee table looks like it's worth a pretty penny, and looks amazing in her space!  Couldn't be happier!

Some before pics... (and I am so sorry for the poor pics.  Just got my new camera lens in the mail this week!)

And after!  I did 3 coats of Annie Sloan Paris Grey, 2 coats of wax, and minimal distressing along the detailed edges.

Aug 8, 2013

Next Project!

Check out the deal I got on Kijiji this week ;)  $50 BUCKS!!!

I've always wanted a hall tree but would never pay the $300 Pottery Barn charges

I'm thinking graphite with a glaze... or maybe just white.... I dunno.  I just love it!

Aug 5, 2013

Little Girls Room Complete!!!

This week, I had the pleasure of designing and installing a big-girl room for a very special 5 year old.  The pics below are of the completed project.  I sooooo enjoyed my weekend installing.  The house was dead quiet - no kids yelling 'mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy'.  No dogs under my feet and not a single interruption.  So therapeutic!!  My idea of perfect me-time!!!

Anyway, hope you like the room as much as I do.  The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Blue Bonnet and Sun Kissed Peach.  The dresser is a vintage piece from the 30s, painted a mix of Annie Sloan Old White and Paris Grey.  The bench, side table and chalk board are all painted Annie Sloan Scandinavian Pink.  "S" decal was custom made through  Definitely recommend his company.  Great prices and great customer service!!

(my apologies for the junky pics!!  I only have my iphone right now.  New lens for the camera is in the mail!!)