Feb 26, 2013

Burlington Bungalow - Exterior Final, and a few updated pics

I'm so excited to start seeing some major progress on the Burlington Bungalow.  We've confirmed an exterior design, and pieces are quickly coming together.

First thing to go up is the trim in Gentek Commercial Brown.  It's going to look amazing next to BM Fairview Taupe (one of my all-time fav. colours!)

Here are a few updated pics...

Can't wait to design a front door

A view from standing in front of the garage.  You can see the entry way addition

Left side of the house.  It will be skirted in stone, and the rest siding.  A new window is being added

Back of the house.  The windows are wrapped so you can't see them, but it is quite impressive!

Right side of the house

Inside the drywall is almost complete.  This is the kitchen

Front living room

Feb 24, 2013

Burlington Bungalow - Powder Room Final

Here is the look that the contractor decided on.

When we first started looking for kitchen countertops, I came across this massive piece of onyx and was in 'awe'!  The stone was stunning and I couldn't stop looking and touching it!  As it turns out, the onyx was made in Pakistan where the contractor and his family are from.  He seemed thrilled that I liked it so much! 

For this build, I was given a specific store that I had to shop at for tile... and long behold, they carried this stunning golden onyx 12" x 12" tile.  I thought to myself that it would be awesome if I could some how incorporate it into the design.  So, I designed the powder room around this tile.

After the other 'looks' I showed the contractor, I wasn't sure he'd go for it, but he called me yesterday as he was purchasing the tile :)

I'm not sure if we will be buying this exact vanity, or building a custom, similar one, but this is the overall 'look' of the powder room. It's going to be a show stopper!

12"x12" Golden Royal Onyx Tile

Feb 15, 2013

Burlington Bungalow - Powder room

One of my favourite rooms to design is the powder room - which you may have heard me say before!  And what else have I always said?  'Powder rooms are MADE for wallpaper'. 

Well, in my burlington bungalow I get to design a dream powder room. I have room for a large vanity and very little guideline.  My rules from Mr.Client....
1. Porcelain floors (I may push for hardwood)
2. Modern

I found these wall mounted vanities at Lowes for $500 bucks or so.  I'm sooooo using it.... Buuuuuuut I also have some great options from Rona.... And if those don't work out, I'll just do a custom one!

These are some very preliminary Look Books.  I'll probably end up doing something completely different, but, for fun, thought I'd share what's in my brain.

Feb 10, 2013


How do I get these damn snowflakes off my blog?  HONEYYYYYYY!!???!!!??

Burlington Bungalow - Ensuite Con't!!!

Had a chat with the contractor today, and sounds like he's leaning towards a more modern ensuite now.    From what I gather, he still wants to stay traditional enough for resale, but with a modern twist. YESSS!!!  I get to bust out my second best friend (of course Pinot is first)... Carrara Marble.

It's a traditional enough material, and I can play with tile size and pattern to make it chic and modern.  I wish I knew where I was purchasing tile now, so I could go and see what my selection is like.  Hopefully, by next week I can take a trip out to the supplier and scope it out.

We have also decided that it would be best for me to design custom vanities for the ensuite and powder room.  Custom isn't always more expensive as in this case.  So, that's what I'll be working on this week.  So cool to design a piece of furniture and then watch it come to life!!!

Anyway, just whipped up this inspiration to get a sense of my new direction for the ensuite.

A little inspiration shot always gets my creative juices flowing

Feb 7, 2013

Burlington Bungalow - Ensuite Bath

I like this better.  A little colour.... and ya know what, I may just end up designing a custom vanity.  We'll see.  I'm chatting with the contractor tomorrow.

Feb 6, 2013

Burlington Bungalow - Ensuite Bath

The kitchen is finally done!  Layout, backsplash, granite, cabinets, wet bar, hardware, blah blah blah... All DONE!  Was a lot more work than I anticipated, but I love it and it's going to be amazing when it's done.  I'll do up a look board soon to share!

For the past few days I have been working on the ensuite bathroom.  I wanted to do something traditional to appeal to buyers.  This is a high end bungalow, so most likely an established couple will be buying - safer to go traditional than ultra modern.  I think I'll do something modern and contemporary for the powder room.

Anyway, the home owner spotted this vanity and loved it right away, so I designed the rest of the space around it.  I'm going with a subtle berkshire creama marble, but I'm going to go dramatic in the tile layout to add some wow.

I may go for a colour on the wall.... maybe blue???....we'll see.

Feb 4, 2013

Burlington Bungalow Feb.1st

Nothing too pretty or exciting to share just yet.

The floor is being levelled right now so I have been staying clear of the site lately.  Not interested in falling through the floor!

Apparently one guy has already fallen through!

There is going to be an entryway addition put under the gable.  You'll see!

Living room fireplace

Levelling the floor.  Big bucks, but worth it.

The kitchen!

Standing in the kitchen.  This area is going to be a wet bar.  The small room is the powder room.