Mar 28, 2014

Coffee Table Before & After

Here is a quick before & after...


I gave this piece a few repairs and painted it in Annie Sloan's Old White.  Turned out gorgeous.  I recently sold it to a lady who then commissioned me to do a matching side table, and 2 rocking chairs.  I'm keeping busy!!!

Mar 3, 2014

Design Boards

One of my favourite things to do after the monkeys go to bed is to create design boards.  I have a zillion for my own home, so I love when I get to do some for other homes.  It's a challenge, becuase I am usually working with other people's pieces that they don't want to let go.  But it's great to be able to show people they can have a whole new room with just a few new additions.  

Here are a few that I worked on for a friend...