May 7, 2013

Living Room Updated!

I've done my best to give my living room/dining room a pretty makeover.  Keep in mind my poor  furniture is over 6 years old, and has been moved 5 times!!!!  This includes being stored for 4 months in a dirty garage.  Needless to say, I want new stuff.  But who doesn't, and I really should reno my bathrooms first.

Anyway, here are some pics of my updated living room.

Before we moved in, and with other people's stuff...


After we moved in, and with our stuff....

And NOW, Updated and chic!!!

I'll eventually take it to the next level when I customize my slipper chairs and drapery.  But for now, it's really starting to feel like home.

May 6, 2013

My Dining Room Updated!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love my house.  It's almost been a year (a record for us!) and I am still inlove with this house.  There is so much work to do, but every step just makes me love this house even more.  This one is a keeper for sure!

I just finished my Living Room and Dining Room.  My ultimate goal for this house is to make it feel warm and welcoming.  I want this to be a comfortable family home.  Not a show house.  I don't want to worry about taking my shoes off, or spilling wine on the floor.  I want this home to hug me, so you'll notice that I've used warm colours through out and keep the space simple and neutral.

Here is my dining room before we moved in...

 Here is my dining room with my furniture.

And here is my dining room now.  Pretty much complete.  It could use some extra accessories and a table runner, but you get the idea.

It's so cozy and informal.  Exactly what I wanted!  I know you love my chandelier.  I was sooooo close to buying one from Restoration Hardware that is almost identical.  Yea, I'd pay $2400 for a light fixture.   I buy my clothes at Old Navy, and have no problem spending $2400 on a light fixture.  Priorities.
Anyway, I was doing my weekly browse at Home Sense and long behold the angles were singing in the lighting aisle.  Look at that baby - just $175 BUCKS.... I was doing a silent happy dance and seriously shaking the whole way to the cash.

Restoration Hardware - $2400

 For years I have desperately wanted these rattan chairs from Pottery Barn.  They are about $250 a piece, and I'm thinking I'll splurge a bit and buy them.  I've wanted them for years.

Then magically, I came across these puppies at JYSK for just $90 bucks each.  They are amazing, and by no means look cheap.  I scored 6 of them with a 20% off coupon and got a whole new set for under $500 bones.

 Scored this solid wood sucker on kijiji for $100 bucks.  Ryan and I picked it up from this boozer, old lady.  She had jugs of vodka all over the house - it's cool Nanny, I can relate ;)
I spray painted the knobs black and loaded it with white, dollar store plates.  I'll refinish it eventually.

Anyway, that's my dining room full of cheap finds.  The Picasso is too rich for this room now and has been shafted to the hallway.

I'll post the Living room soon.  Ryan's in there sprawled out watching the Leaf's game, and no one wants to see that in my pictures. 

May 4, 2013

Burlington Bungalow - Backyard Deck design

The Burlington Bungalow has the most beautiful, massive backyard.  Even with the huge addition, the backyard can hold a huge deck, and possibly a pool. 

Here is the deck design I put together.