Dec 15, 2013

Too Much Honey Oak

Sorry I haven't blogged in so long Peeps.  I've been quite sick with the flu which put all my work behind 2 weeks.  Plus, I have been finishing up a few small pieces that aren't worth blogging about.

Now, that I am feeling like my self again, I can get back in my workshop ans start painting.  I was out of commission for a good two week, and it's amazing how empty I feel when I'm not painting.  This whole painting furniture thing, really is my passion and keeps me sane!!  

Here's a piece that I recently completed for a goof friend of mine.  Years ago, she purchased a ton of beautiful Amish made furniture.  Unfortunately, it's all in that honey oak colour, that was chic and beautiful back in it's day, but is nothing but dated now.  I finished painting 6 of her dining room chairs, and then moved on to this clunker... oh my, it weighs a ton!

**Yes, I am fully aware that my pictures suck.

The top is restained in  Jacobean, and the bottom legs are painted Annie Sloan Coco.  The Coco is a much more beige/brown than shown in the pics.  Gorgeous colour.  I have a side table that I will finish soon, so I'll post those pics and you can see the colour more clear.

(Marley's tail ;)

Of course I didn't take a 'before' picture because I'm stupid.  But, I found a similar one on google images...

This just goes to show that there are options... rather than selling or chucking your dated furniture.  With some elbow grease, your old honey oak pieces can be new and current.  Quality furniture never goes out style!

Dec 3, 2013

A Quick Before & After!

I took visual merchandising way back in my college days and my teachers used to piss me off all the time saying "don't forget to take pictures of EVERYTHING you do"...  they would harass us during every single project.  It was annoying up until I went to put together my portfolio after 2 years and realized I hadn't taken pictures of some of my best work... They were right.  Why didn't I listen to them? I don't know.  I was too busy thinking about getting out of class as fast as I could and grabbing a pint.  

But, 12 years later, I remember my embarrassing portfolio, and tend to take pictures of most of my work.  Perhaps another 2 years in college would have taught me to take quality pictures.  

Here's an example of some of my great work, but crappy photos!!! haha

I recently did this piece for a client of mine.  She loves burlap as much as I do :)