Sep 30, 2012

DIY Wall Mount Guitar Holder

Ryan has always wanted his guitars mounted on the wall for easy access and to make his space feel like more of a "man space".  Unfortunately, we've never lived any where long enough for him to have his own space...until.... NOW!!

Last week, I sacraficed a work space of my own, for Ryan to have his own, full out, man room.  So, I gave him his guitars on the wall, just like he always wanted... love you xoxo

DIY Wall Mount Guitar Holder

First Step: Go to Home Depot and gather your supplies.
- Heavy duty screws & anchors
- Heavy duty utility wall hooks -found in the garage organzier section.
- Some sort of wood!  Ryan bought these bull nose caps, used to cap edges of stair treads.  They were quality wood, cheap, and the perfect size.  Just over $2 bucks a piece.
- Paint - what ever you have laying around.  I used some black spray paint - it was for plastic.  No one needs to know

These things are just $2 bucks at Home Depot

I chopped the wood pieces in half using my chop saw.  They weren't all a perfect length, and some had round edges, some have straight edges.  It really doesn't matter since the guitar will be hiding the wood piece.  I am soooo not a perfectionist!!!

Then I painted them black..

Then I drilled holes for the screws.  I measure about an inch and a half from the end.

Then I drilled massive holes to fit the utility hook.  Wish I had a drill press for this, but my hand held drill did it's job eventually.  You can see where the wood split a bit on the edge of the holes.  I just sanded it out nice and gave the pieces another coat of paint.

I love using painters tape to measure out hanging stuff on the wall.  I spaced the hooks about 18" apart.
First I screwed the utility hook into the piece of wood.  Then, to get them on the wall, I hammered my anchor into the wall, and screwed the piece in place.  Make sure to use a level to ensure it's straight.

Yup, looks good.  Three more to go...

So, here they are all up on the wall.

Rock Star...
James: "MOMMY! The guitars are hanging up!"  He was seriously astonished.  Confidence booster for me.  Who cares if it comes from a 4 year old!

They look awesome from the hallway!

That's it!  I never said it was rocket science!!  Way cheaper than the store bought wall hangers and they look just as good!

Each wall mount cost less than $4 bucks to make.  The retail at the store any where from $20-45.  I'm so thrifty.

Sep 28, 2012

Favourite Finds Friday!

Hi All, I am starting a new weekly post called "Favourite Finds Friday".

One of my favourite past times is shopping online.  I love finding unique pieces, and if I can find it for a good price - even better.  So, every Friday, I am going to post a few crazy things I have fallen inlove with with online.  I think it's a great way to share some of my favourite online shops as well.

Divine Beaded Basket Chandelier.  From Shades Of Light.  I know it $2700 bucks, but I would seriously pay that.  I think it's a work of art!  Gorgeous.

Ikat Links Rug from West Elm.  It's a great deal at just over $300 (on sale) for a 5x8.  I would have bought this for the office, but they don't offer Canadian Shipping, and if I send Ry to go pick one up in Toronto, I have no idea what he'd actually bring home!
Landsmeer fabric in Citrine by Dwell Studio from  $27.99/yard.  I'm in love with Watercolour fabrics right now.  And this one is at the top of my list.  I would do anything to recover my living room slipper chairs in it.  But I cringe at the thought of little, peanut butter covered fingers all over them.  And my stupid not-declawed cat...crrriiinnngggeee

Sep 26, 2012

New Front Door

The biggest problem I had with this house when we first moved in was the exterior look.  This is not my favourite style of home, so I had a hard time figuring out how to update it. 

First things first, a new front door.  Just look at this thing...yuck.

I took off the storm doors right away, and purchased a new light fixture from Sescolite Lighting in Burlington.  I knew exactly the style door I wanted, and I wanted it in Black.  The Ryan tells me he wants a red door.  I'm thinking 'Red??...that'll look stupid'.

So I bust out some old red paint from my front door on the farm, and paint it just to see who's right.

Crapper, I hate it when he's right.  It looks great red.

So, I ordered my new door.... in red.  I ordered it through Lake City Door and Windows in Burlington.  I worked with John who was wonderful.  I told him exactly what I wanted and we custom designed it together.  Then I changed it, and changed it and changed it again and he never got pissy with me.  Great guy!  the installers had it done in about 3 hours.  Very clean and professional.

 It took about 6 weeks to get, and cost me a small fortune, but I couldn't be happier.  It's exactly what I wanted (although I am still mad at myself I didn't get black).

 Marley and the kids love it because they can finally see through the glass!

Here is a view from the inside.  Totally brightens up my dark entry way.  My house is SO dark inside, but no any more!!!  (I know you love my high end foyer light fixture!)

Oh, and the door knobs are from Rona.  Got a wicked deal on them.  Rona brand is made by Weiser, so I didn't feel cheap going with the house brand!!

New shutters will be here in hopefully the next 2 weeks.  And I am painting the garage doors and portico the same colour as the window and door casings.  I think it'll look great when I am all done!

Sep 25, 2012

Finally, a little privacy

We finally got the fence up in the backyard.  What a difference.  I can finally do my dishes without watching my neighbours have a pool party...!!!!!!!

We used ASAP fences, located in Burlington.  Their prices were more than fair.  We had 3 quotes and all were pretty much the same. They started the project in a timely manner, and completed it within 3 days as promised.  Neil Viveiros, the sales manager (I am assuming), was fantastic.  He took his time explaining the process and challenges.  He took care of billing between neighboiurs so I didn't have to awkwardly approach anyone for money.  And, he answered his phone ever time I called him!!!  That's big these days!

Unfortunately his crew was not as professional as him.  They showed up late every day (10am-ish) and left quite the mess at the end of the project.  I found tools laying around, rows of nails from the nail gun, saw dust, and chunks of concrete from the previous fence.  Neil responded right away and had the crew clean up, but it was a head ache I could have lived without.  I hate having to babysit people.

We also had to go though the fence section by section since some boards were crooked, not nailed in all the way and just poorly cut.

Would I recommend them?  meh.  The end result is fine.  Nothing fantastic.  The price was fair and Neil was great.  I hate that I had to "tell on the crew" and have them come back to fix things.  With the amount of competion out there, I'd say shop around.

Some BEFORE pics... (taken in April)

The fence was being attacked by my neighbours vine. What a nightmare.

Some DURING pics... (July) You can see the crazy ass vine.  We had to build on our side of the property since my-right-side-old neighbours weren't willing to co operate.  They weren't sure "how long they'd be around".  Whatever.  Not worth the stress.  Luckily, I have great neighbours on the other sides.  More than willing to co operate, and plenty understanding for my need of privacy!!!  Thank you awesome Tyandaga families!!

And here it is all complete.  Lights a fire under my butt to do some landscaping.  Actually, no it doesn't... I hate gardening!  I'll wait until spring and then bribe my dad with beer and mashed potatoes.

Sep 23, 2012

DIY No-Sew Toddler Tutu

Back in the day I made a zillion baby and toddler tutus and sold them on EBay and Kijiji for a little extra spending cash.  Here are some examples.  For the DIY, scroll down!

Now, I just make them for friends and family!  I still love making them.  I made this one recently for my Electricians daughter, and I thought I'd share a little DIY....

DIY toddler/baby tutu

First, you need to determine the size of tutu you are making... I've always used this chart as a guide:

NEWBORN:(0-6 months) 15-16" waist ~ 5-6" length
INFANT: (6-12 months) 16-17" waist ~ 6-7" length
TODDLER:(12-24 months)17-18" waist ~ 8-9" length
PRESCHOOL:(2T-4T) 19-20" waist ~ 9-11" length
CHILD:(4-6 YRS) 21-22" waist ~ 11-13" length

When you buy your ribbon, make sure to get at least an 1 1/2" ribbon.  You want sturdy ribbon becasue it takes a beating.  Don't use wired ribbon.  It doesn't work (just trust me on this one!!)

To measure and cut your ribbon, determine the waist size, and then add and additional 20" or so (I like to have a long bow).

Once cut - from one end, measure 10" and tie a knot, and from the other end measure 10" and tie another knot.

The space between the knots, is where you are going to tie your tulle.  The extra ribbon on either end becomes your ties for a bow.

Now, time to measure and cut your tulle.  If you are making a ton of tutus, buy your tulle online (I always bought it at  Even with Canadian shipping, it was cheap).  You will save a ton of cash and make a tutu for next to nothing.  I haven't shopped online for tulle in about 2 years, so there may be something better out there now.

Now that I just do one by one, I buy my tulle at Michaels using my 40% off coupon you get in the weekly flyer.  If you get a deal on ribbon, your tutu will cost about $10.  For this DIY tutu, I used 50 yards.  It was for an 18 month old, and was about 10" in length.

Okay, back to cutting.  Determine the length of tutu you want, and cut your tulle at double the length.  Example, you tutu is going to be 5" in length, cut 10" pieces.  Start by cutting about 50 pieces, that's the minimum you'll need.  Cut more as needed.

I always put 2 pieces of tape on my table in the length I am cutting.  Makes it easy.

Cut away, but watch out for crazy cats.  They love tulle.

Time to tie the knots.  It's just a simple slip knot.

  Most important thing is to tie your knots tight!! I usually tie my knots in the middle of the ribbon and then slide it to the end by the knot.

(Don't get confused... I just flipped the tutu over here.  I find it easier this way.)  This pic has about 7 knots.  See how I tie in the middle, then slide to the end.

 This is after about 15 knots

 Just keep going... from one side of the ribbon to the next.


Keep going from one knot on your ribbon to the next.  Once you are done, use the left over ribbon on each end to tie a pretty bow.

Let me know if you make a tutu... can't wait to see it!  And, if you have any questions, leave me a comments!!