Jul 24, 2013

For Little Miss "S"... fingers crossed she likes this one!

I had to sleep on it... The other 2 concepts just weren't screaming at me.  But this one does!!!!

The little girl's Mom mentioned an old vanity in her basement that was peach... the second I heard the word "Peach", I got inspired.  I love the look of Peach, Aqua and Coral.  Soooo pretty.

Hope she goes for it?!?!

Jul 23, 2013

For Little Miss "S"

I'll come up with a couple more ideas tomorrow... for right now, there is an ice cold MGD calling my name

Jul 21, 2013

Burlington Bungalow - Interior Ideas

Made a stop at the Burlington Bungalow this week.  The owners have moved in and decided to stay for a bit so they gave me a call to help them sort out the interior design.  They have quite a mish mash of styles in there, so I've come up with a few ideas to create a better flow.   We are trying to keep as much of their existing furniture as possible, and add just a few pieces.  I'm soooo looking forward to go shopping with them!  My most favourite part of the job!

Thought I'd share.....

Jul 15, 2013

DIY Wall Projector

I've had these inspiration pictures in my files forever and have always wanted to do a hand painted tree on Grace's wall....

Problem is, there was no way I could hand draw a tree on a wall.  I needed an overhead projector to trace the image outline on the wall, and then I could free-hand paint it in.  Where on earth do I get an overhead projector?  I could buy one, but they are $300+.  No thanks.  I had some generous offers from some friends and family to borrow one from their office, but if you know me in the slightest, I want it NOW.  Can't wait until tomorrow, so I'll have to make-shift one.  

Turns out, I'm a genius and my make shift overhead projector, is now an awesome DIY that I want to share with everyone.

Step 1: Find an image you like, and print it out.  Here's mine!

Step 2:  Trace the image on a translucent sheet, using a black permanent marker.  I used a sharpie I had laying around.  For the paper you can use a plastic page protector (from the dollar store), or anything translucent you can think of.  I used a laminator page.  I just ran it through my laminator to make it clear.

Step 3:  Tape your page to a box that is open on either end and a suitable size for your page.

Step 4: Bust out your iPhone and download the flashlight app!!!  It just happens to be the perfect amount of light.  I tried a lamp without the lampshade, and it was too much.  The light needs to be tiny and bright.  I suppose a keychain type flashlight will work too, but let's face it, we all have these stupid phones.

Step 5: Set up your make-shift projector on a table, and project your image on the wall.  I had to prop my iPhone up with something - James's toy car was within reach.  Fiddle around with everything until you get your image just right on the wall.  (Don't forget to turn out the lights)

Step 6:  Trace your image with a piece of chalk.  It rubs off easy once complete.

Step 7: Paint!!!  I used acrylic craft paint and it took me about 4 coats to get it nice and thick.

See how smart I am???

Jul 11, 2013

Grace's Room Reveal

Grace's room is finally complete and I couldn't be happier.  Especially since I completed the entire room for just $250 BUCKS!!!!

It's exactly what I would have wanted as  a 5 year old!!!  One day she wanted a fashion room, the next a dance room.  So I plunked in a full length mirror and an iPod filled with pop songs.  She's a happy girl - check out her reaction here!!!

Over the next few days, I'll be posting some of the DIY projects I did in this room, and sharing some of the details.  For now, enjoy the overall project!!!

Here is it!!!

Some Before & Afters...

A few details...


Paint - $47
Spray Paint (4 cans) - $21.65
Bedding - $79.99
Curtains - $6.97 x 2 = $13.94
Wall Frames - $6.50
Table Frames - $6.99 + $1.00 = $7.99
Feather Boa - $1
Chair Fabric - $12
Vintage Light Fixture $40
Trim for Curtain Rod - $4.25
Paint for Wall Tree - $3.94
Wall letters - $3.90
Curtain tie backs  - $10


Jul 5, 2013

Getting Started on GG's Room

This week I have slowly been starting Grace's room.  I'm trying so hard to stay on budget and and complete her room for under $200 bucks.  So far, so good!  The last few days I've done some shopping and today I prepped the walls.  I'll probably start painting Monday while the kids are at VBS.  I am so excited to give her a new, big-girl room.

Some before pics....

Busy busy spray painting... lamps, frames, table, curtain rods....

I scored this gorgeous antique chandelier on kijiji for just $40 bucks.  Took some negotiating, but my mom taught me well.

All ready to be painted!!

I immediately feel inlove with this fabric.  Not sure what I am going to do with it yet.  But at just $6/meter, I couldn't resist picking up some.  And the feather boa.... it'll make it's way in some how!!